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1.  From a sixth grade teacher in rural Southwestern Oklahoma:

“100% of my students scored satisfactory or advanced in both reading and math…..and 67% of my students scored advanced in MATH.   Thanks to you and Jan for introducing KESAM to me….that’s the key to success.”

2.  Attitude Survey of sixth graders in ***** public school

Teacher #1 attended KESAM and uses KESAM methods/materials in her math classes.

Teacher #2 uses some KESAM activities shared with her by teacher #1.

Teacher #3 teaches straight from the text book.

Question: I like mathematics.

Teacher #1 15 agreed    1 disagreed

Teacher #2 11 agreed    6 disagreed

Teacher #3 5 agreed     15 disagreed

It is plain to see with these results that we are reaching our students and changing the way kids view math!!!!!!

slope3.  ***** was an “at risk” rural school before their principle and all K-12 teachers of mathematics attended KESAM.  This year they had a 100% success rate on state exams for all their students in math and were recognized nationally as a “Distinguished Title I School”.

4.  ***** teaches 6,7,and 8th grade math in a rural school   This year her 100% of her students were successful on State exams even though she had one who had never before passed.

5.  After attending KESAM, ***** was assigned all the 4th grade math at her school.   The students, who had only a 63% pass rate the previous year on state exams, performed at the 100% level after her class.

6.  Letter from *****, principal at a rural school.  “I am happy to have another graduate of KESAM at my school as well as a KESAM participant in your program next week.  I am writing to ask for help and to encourage you.  Last year two of my three 5th grade math teachers attended KESAM training and returned to school and did a marvelous job implementing it into their classrooms, so much so in fact, that our fifth grade state math test scores rose 14%.  5th grade has the highest average in the district!  I love the program and enjoy watching students “turn on to math” in each of these teacher’s classrooms.  Sadly I don’t have any  6th grade KESAM trained math teachers and their state math scores went down this year.  It’s not that they haven’t tried to get in! “  (note:  We have approximately seven applicants per available institute position)

7.  At a recent KESAM Institute, I noticed one of the participants crying.  I walked over to her group’s table, sat next to her and asked her “what’s wrong?”  She replied, “Nothing is wrong.  I am crying because I am so happy to finally understand mathematics and how to teach it.”